From my safe distance I wonder

now and forever
what have you done to deserve this?
in whose name can anyone answer?
in whose name can anyone muster?
the might to wipe; tiny smiles; hearts; and tears
In whose eyes can they look counting those tears?

Poem (excerpt) by Nasser Barghouty@ Palestinechronicle.com

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HOS Feb 2016 - If we really care about the Syrian people, why are we imposing the same type of sanctions that were imposed on Iraq prior to the U.S. invasion that killed half a million Iraqi children?
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The Full Paris Match interview of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, granted in Damascus on November 28th.President Assad: "We attack terrorism everywhere, regardless of what the United States, or the alliance it leads, is doing. You might find it strange that the number of daily Syrian air strikes against terrorists is larger than that launched by the alliance."
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Economic sanctions have combined with western-backed terrorism and constant lies about who is responsible for civilian massacres, in attempts to cripple the Syrian state. Lets end the sanctions on Syria.

Syria Anti-Sanctions Template Letter
I urge you to speak out against the economic sanctions imposed on Syria by Australia, the USA and several European countries.
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