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By Tim Anderson, Global Research, 7 Oct 2015 - War propaganda often demands the abandoning of ordinary reason and principle, and the Dirty War on Syria demonstrates this in abundance.
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TeleSur by Tim Anderson 12 April 2015 - The dirty war on Syria has involved repeated scandals, often fabricated against the Syrian Government to help create pretexts for deeper intervention. Perhaps the most notorious was the East Ghouta incident of August 2013, where pictures of dead or drugged children were uploaded from an Islamist-held agricultural area east of Damascus, with the claim that the Syrian Government had used chemical weapons to murder hundreds of innocents.
Chemical Fabrications_ East Ghouta and S
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Global Research by Tim Anderson 24 March 2015 - This article examines and documents the Houla massacre of May 2012, a terrible incident in the Syrian Crisis which came closest to attracting UN intervention. The analysis here seeks to include all relevant evidence, both from witnesses and on the UN processes.
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War Crimes Committed Against The People of Syria Report of Peace Association Of Turkey and Lawyers for Justice
Peace Association 9 January 2014 - The Peace Association and Lawyers for Justice in Turkey have prepared a comprehensive report as a bill of indictment as well on the grounds of judging the figures and institutions that committed war crimes against Syrian people.
War Crimes Committed Against the People
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Wahhabis, the Brotherhood and the Empire: Syria and the Limits of Political Islam
Academic conference paper
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One nun puts entire US intel community to shame over 'stage-managed' Syria footage
Global Research By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya - 19 Sep 2013. The US intelligence community has been put to shame by the dedication and determination of a lone Christian nun.
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Report by ISTEAMS (16MB PDF, with hyperlinks -, a group led by Mother Agnes Mariam of the Cross, which exposes fabricated evidence used by FSA gangs over the chemical weapons massacre at Ghouta. The report shows that bodies had been brought from other areas, and scenes had been fabricated. A good article on the report is here at RT (